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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Basil Has a New Companion, and Her Name is Zoe!

Jason and Sara decided that Basil would be so much happier if he had a female companion, so now they have two kittens, and the new one is named Zoe.

Although I have not yet met Zoe, I am told that she is so sweet, so gorgeous, so feminine, and the perfect friend for Basil. It was love at first sight, and now neither kitten is lonely or bored, ever. They play so well together, and that gives Jason a break from being Basil's constant play buddy. Plus Jason doesn't feel guilty when he has to be away at school for the whole day, leaving Basil alone.

And just for good measure, here are a few more photos of Basil The Cat as a baby. In case you can't tell, Basil is the adorable kitten on the left in both photos.

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Our JRTs Love the Snow! Spanky, Maggie and Sadie Have Fun!

Spanky, Maggie and Sadie are all dressed up for going out and playing in the snow!

Spanky and Sadie playing in the snow, below:

You wouldn't believe it if you hadn't seen it, but here is Spanky rolling in the snow, over and over again, getting completely soaked, but loving every minute of it! The closest thing I can think of to describe what he does is making snow angels. He is an amazing dog, but then JRTs are amazing dogs.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the tree trimmers who keep branches off the power lines, thereby keeping the power on during ice storms and snow storms:

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Happy 2008 to All of You!

We wish all our readers a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2008!

For our New Year's Day dinner, we had the traditional black-eyed peas, collard greens, cornbread, honey baked ham, and roast chicken. Delicious, and not very time-consuming to make either.

We had our usual crowd of characters, and a good time was had by all, as we looked forward to the coming new year and all the good things it has in store for us.

Here are a few funny photos of Sadie, first looking so innocent, then trying to figure out a way to get the roast chicken off of the stove top and down on the floor so she could eat it all by herself!

Sadie Belle is so funny!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008 from Our House to Yours

We had a very nice, relatively quiet and calm, Christmas holiday this year. Once again, I didn't get my Christmas cards done, and I apologize, but I finally decided that I would not stress about it.

Chrismas dinner was roast chicken, gravy, green beans with shelleys, deviled eggs, collard greens, stuffed potatoes, honey baked ham, and homemade bread.

Jason made some delicious homemade bread for us to enjoy, no recipe, just made it, and it was soooo good.

This shot shows a view of the table with the glorious red and white flowers that my friend Judie (same last name as me) from Chelsea, Massachusetts, sent me for a wonderful surprise. I never receive flowers, and at first I didn't even know they were for me! They were absolutlely beautiful, and have lasted and lasted. I only had to throw them out last night (Jan. 18th) and they arrived way before Christmas (Dec. 21st).

I can heartily recommend the florist,
Sadie's Precious Poseys, at http://www.sadiespresiousposies.com/. The arrangement was beautiful, in my favorite colors of red and white, in a lovely ruby red vase, and the flowers were so fresh. As I said before, I have never known flowers to last so well, and were so beautifully arranged. Judie is a wonderful friend, and I hope that one of these days we will actually meet in person!

A few more views of the flowers!

Here are a few photos of the family, eating Christmas dinner and opening packages. Jason made some delicious bread, and Spanky donned his most colorful bandana and ribbon to celebrate the holidays. We have learned that Spanky, especially, loves to dress up. He knows he looks so smart when he has on a bandana, or simply a colorful ribbon, and he loves to wear his sweater in cold weather. Maggie and Sadie also love to dress up, but not nearly as much as Spanky. Funny how you learn these things about your dogs.

Below are some photos of Spanky, looking so handsome and smart, decked out in his red bandana and a Christmas ribbon from a package.

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Molly, The Runaway Jack Russell Terrier!

These are a few photos of Molly, a Jack Russell Terrier who lives in a subdivision near us. Molly loves to run away from home, gets completely lost, and then relies on the kindness of strangers to return her to her home.

One morning about a month ago, I saw Molly running on a busy road at the entrance to our subdivision, and she was in hot pursuit of 3 deer. I couldn't get a good look at her because she was going so fast, she was only a small blur of white. From that white blur, I knew she was a Jack Russell Terrier. How? Because we currently have 3 Jack Russells!

Later in the morning, a kind neighbor whom I had not known before, Jennifer, stopped by because she had taken Molly in, and was wondering if she were one of our dogs. This time, Molly had a collar on with a phone number and Jennifer had left a message on the answering machine.

That afternoon, Jennifer called me to say the owner had called and had picked Molly up. He lived in a subdivision across from ours. Good news! Case solved!

About a week or so ago, I was out with my dogs at about 10PM, and looked up the street to the entrance of our subdivision, and there was that same white blur running in and out of the street, in and out of the traffic. A car was stopped there, and the driver was trying to entice Molly into the car, probably to save her from getting run over and find out where she lived. That driver eventually gave up since Molly would not get close to the car.

I could not bear the idea of Molly getting run over, so I put my JRTs back in the house, then reconsidered and took Spanky up the street to search for Molly. I figured Molly might come close enough for me to catch her if I used Spanky as a lure. I looked up and down the street, saw nothing, called for Molly, saw nothing, decided she was long gone, and started back down the hill.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, there was Molly trying to play with Spanky. She wouldn't let me catch her, so to get away from the traffic, we came back to our house and went around to the back door. Molly stood there looking at Sadie Belle and Maggie, who were looking intently at her in return. At that moment, I was able to slip a collar and leash on Molly and put Spanky back inside.

Now what to do? Molly was in tow, but I knew we couldn't take in another Jack Russell. Four Jack Russells in our house, with Sadie Belle and Maggie as hostile as they are to other females! No way!

The only thing I could think of to do was to walk Molly down to Jennifer's house and get the telephone number of Molly's owner and call him. [This time Molly had no collar.] Jennifer checked and concluded that she didn't have the guy's number anymore, but she and her husband Rich said they could take Molly in for the night, and we would search for Molly's owner tomorrow. That was such a relief. We have such wonderful neighbors.

The next morning we all went driving in Molly's neighborhood, and I put up signs. Jennifer was going to take Molly to her vet and see if Molly were microchipped, but before doing that, she remembered that Molly's owner picked her up in a large truck that would be too large to go in a garage. This was a stroke of brilliance and by sheer good luck, Jennifer located the truck, knocked on the door, and Molly's owner came to the door and took Molly back in!

Case closed again, but now every time I go outside, I always look up toward the road that separates our subdivision from Molly's because I know that one of these days, I'll see that small white blur racing around!

UPDATE: Molly has run away again, and has once more been picked up and taken home by a third woman in our neighborhood! This is the third time we have rescued her. This time, our neighbor Jo Ann was driving with her daughter on the busy street near our neighborhood when she spotted Molly racing around, darting in and out of traffic, just like always.

Although it would ultimately make her late for her appointment, she parked her car and she and her daughter tried to catch Molly, but could not. Finally, Jo Ann got down on her hands and knees, put her head on the pavement, and Molly came to investigate and play, and they were able to catch her and take her back to their house.

In true JRT form, Molly began to take over the household and seize control from the resident dog in a power grab of unprecedented magnitude. Jo Ann then sent out an email to the neighborhoods in our area, and once I saw it, I knew it had to be Molly. And it was.

By the time I talked to Jo Ann, she had called animal control to come pick up Molly. Jennifer and I also had some correspondence too, I believe, and Jennifer was able to tell Jo Ann where Molly lived and how to get in touch with her owner. At this point, I'm not sure whether Molly went home with her exasperated owner, or whether she went to the pound. I hope she went home and I also hope her owner finds her a new home with a family that can manage Molly better.

At any rate, if you are reading this post and have found Molly, have any new information on Molly, or would like to contact Molly's owner, please leave a comment at the end of this post, and we will give you Molly's current home information. We don't want to post it here for all the obvious confidentiality reasons, but if you need it, we will help you out.

UPDATE 02/2008:
The other evening, rather late, we were lingering over dinner and talking, like we always do, and the doorbell rang. This is always disconcerting, because we don't have that much company, and rarely do people stop by unexpectedly at night.

So it was a little unnerving to have to jump up from the dinner table, and go to the door when it was late and dark outside. You never know if it is going to be a legitimate knock on the door, or someone selling something, or someone up to no good.

This time it was Claire, another neighbor from up the street, wondering if we had lost a female Jack Russell Terrier! Again! We seem to be THE place people come to when they have found a lost dog, Jack Russell or not. And we are happy to oblige all who are kind enough to take time from their busy lives to help rescue a lost dog.

Of course I knew it had to be Molly, again. And after a brief exchange with Claire describing the dog she had caught when it came to her porch, I gave her the name and telephone number of Molly's owner, again.

And thus another neighbor from our neighborhood gave Molly's owner a call, again, and he presumably came to pick up Molly, again. So that's the end, for now, of our latest installment in the ongoing saga of Molly, The Runaway Jack Russell Terrier!

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