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Friday, October 05, 2007


Let it be known that I have officially discovered fresh pomegranates, and they are delicious and much better tasting than those expensive bottles of pomegranate juice in the grocery stores. It does takes a little work to finally get those juicy pods in your mouth, but certainly worth the effort. The seeds are similar to grape seeds in size, shape and crunchiness, but a bit more edible. However, I strongly advise against eating too many seeds along with the juicy bits if you have any digestive issues. Best to just squeeze out as much juice in your mouth, then (in a mannerly and non-disgusting way) dispose of the seeds that remain.

Here are a few photos of how I prepare a fresh pomegranate, but please bear in mind that this may not be the best way, or how they do it on Food Network, but this method works for me, so whatever:

Here's what you start with. Pick a firm, shiny and heavy pomegranate and get busy.

Wash the outside and then cut it into halves or quarters. You can see that there is a lot of fleshy pulp inside, but what you want is the little red juice-filled pods.

Using your hands, separate the juice pods from the pulp and put the pods in your serving bowl.

They look like jewels, don't they? Simply beautiful and bursting with delicious juice.

This bowl shows how much you can expect to get from one piece of fruit. Just serve it like any other fruit or sprinkle the juice pods on cereal, salads or meats. Definitely worth the effort when you taste the delicious juice pods!

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My Favorite Squirrel Moves Her Family!

My Favorite Squirrel is a real character! She loves to wait on the fence or a tree nearby and taunt our dogs as they approach. The dogs want nothing more than to chase her down and rip her to shreds, but she just scotches them out with her chatter, waves her tail at them, and stays safely out of their range.

This is a game she plays with them all around our house, and she and the dogs seem to enjoy themselves every time.

This is the same squirrel that used to drink my hummingbirds' sugar water from the feeders by turning it up one its edge and slurping it out the holes. I solved that problem by moving the feeder closer to the house where she hesitated to go.

And this is the same squirrel that gets in our front gutters and runs around in them, back and forth, and then starts gnawing on the wood in the soffits. This is annoying, not because of the noise, but because she is ruining the wood with that incessant gnawing. Dan has put additional screens on the gutters, and she can still get down in them to run around, but it seems to have put an end to the gnawing and the damage to our house.

Recently during the extreme drought, My Favorite Squirrel disappeared. I was very worried because we didn't seem to have any wildlife left in the yard, plus there is the ongoing problem with the coyotes. I checked the roads nearby and no road kill there, and we decided that, if the coyotes had not gotten her, she may have gone down the hill to the creek for water. Squirrels don't travel far from their home territory, and the creek is some distance, but it was still within her range. Anyway, she was gone. End of story, I thought.

The other day, however, I was coming down the back with the dogs and saw a squirrel coming down a neighbor's tree. This squirrel had something huge in its mouth, like a giant tumor or infection, not like nuts stuffed in its cheeks, but hanging from its mouth. I ran down the walkway, but lost sight of it. I was worried because this was a disturbing thing to see, even though the squirrel was moving at a good clip in spite of its burden, whatever it might be.

In the front yard, I saw the squirrel, My Favorite Squirrel, going up the tree near our house. She went to her old nest in the branches, and I saw her come out of it, but without the huge ball she had been carrying!

Then it dawned on me that she was carrying a baby squirrel to a new home! I had never seen this before. I would have thought that a squirrel would carry its babies like cats carry their kittens, by the scruff of their necks and hanging down. But evidently squirrel babies curl up into tight balls when their mothers carry them places. Makes sense because that way they don't drag the ground. Anyway, she disappeared for a time and then came back with another baby! That makes two that I saw, but I don't really know how many there were in total. For the second baby, I clearly was able to see the tiny little baby squirrel tail wrapped neatly around its little body.

Yet another mystery solved in Dyer Consequences Land! Here are a few photos I took, and since I was not able to get a shot of her carrying the baby, I found a photo on the internet. My Favorite Squirrel is much better looking than the one in the photo, but it illustrates the method squirrels use to carry their young from place to place.

Here goes:

This is the photo I found on the internet showing how it is done.

Look in the upper center/left part of this photo, above and to the left of the nest, and you will see my favorite squirrel. She is looking at me looking at her, and we lock gazes for a moment.

This photo shows Sadie Belle looking out the upper window at the squirrel and her nest.

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French Onion Soup - Matt Does It Right!

Matt found a recipe for French Onion Soup on the Food Network website, and began to get a craving for it. It took many hours for him to make it, but the result was so yummy. Here is a photo of my plate of soup with pot roast and vegetables on the side.

One of the best parts of the soup was the delicious croutons Matt made. He sliced sourdough french bread and topped them with shredded Gruyere cheese before placing them under the broiler to crisp the bread and melt the cheese. We added it to our soup, but also found it worked just as well to dip the croutons in the soup or just eat them alongside the soup.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Latest Developments in Ball Ground, GA

The Atlanta paper has reported that even though Oscar "Rock Man" Robertson had an adversarial relationship with Ball Ground's elected officials, his daughters are quietly working with town leaders on a redevelopment plan. There is talk that it will include a rock and mineral museum to showcase the vast collection of eccentric "Rock Man," who died nearly two years ago.

Robertson once called those who worked at City Hall "a bunch of Mafia," and blocked a sewer project, saying Ball Ground "don't need to grow."

The redevelopment plans are complicated by Robertson's complex and extensive property holdings, with a net worth of $62 million and filling nearly 400 pages of Cherokee County records. Many city officials envision boutiques, antique stores and cafes, in addition to a rock and mineral museum.

Ball Ground has been a favorite little town of ours for many, many years, and we wish the residents there the very best as they make plans to revitalize their town. We hope that the growth they envision does not include a bunch of fast-food franchises and strip malls, and that the town can support locally-owned cafes, restaurants and shops. Good luck!

To review our previous posts on Oscar "Rock Man" Robertson, please click on the following links:

Also be sure to visit this delightful blog on life in north Georgia: Raiders of the Lost Art Room There is also an interesting post on Oscar "Rock Man" Robertson with photos and commentary.

Here is the link to the entire article in the AJC for you to read:

Just one more thing about Oscar Robertson: He always had copies of his "manifesto" in the front windows of his rock shops. He titled it "Resolution," and somehow we were fortunate enough to obtain one of them.

This makes very interesting reading, and is a window into the mind of Oscar Robertson. He filed it with court papers with the clerk of the Superior Court of Cherokee County, Anne M. Reneau on 08/31/1999. It is 14 handwritten pages long, all in upper case, with virtually no punctuation, creative spelling, and no formatting into paragraphs or sections.

It is one continuous, disjointed essay, or some would call it a rant. The recurring theme is the phrase "10% FLAT TAX," which occurs about 5 or 6 times per page. It also discusses various minerals, banking, state and federal government, military, taxes, the minimum wage, war, Bay of Pigs invasion, hardwood trees, Social Security, gasoline, medical costs, Medicare, pension plans, crude oil, LBJ, inheritance taxes, Castro, Cuba, IRS, Mexico, American Indians, and so on. You get the idea.

Below is a scan of the first page of the "Resolution" by Oscar Robertson:

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