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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another Side of The Coin! Jason's Online Ancient Coin Shop!

Introducing Another Side of the Coin - Jason's Ancient Coin Shop! If you have ever seen it, you know that Jason's ancient coin collection is extensive, top-quality and remarkable. Over the summer, he designed a website to sell some of them online using PayPal. The web address for Another Side of The Coin is http://www.anothersideofthecoin.com

Browse the selection of ancient coins and learn about their history, symbolism and iconography. Ancient coins are highly collectible, and are more than just old coins, they are works of art in themselves.

Please pass the link along to your friends, family and co-workers who might be interested in collecting these historical artifacts. They make great gifts and the prices are reasonable. Or buy some for yourself, if you are so inclined.

Above are assorted Ancient Roman Coins just waiting to be identified, appreciated for their historic and artistic value, and treasured for years to come.

Above are Large Uncleaned Roman Coins - It's fun to identify the various Roman emperors, gods and goddesses, mythological symbolism and historical significance of these ancient treasures.

Above are Byzantine Cup Coins with a concave "cup" shape, larger than most ancient coins, with beautiful Christian iconography on each coin with outstanding detail.

These are Byzantine Coins, large size, with detailed Christian symbolism and iconography.

Go to Another Side of the Coin!

Jason Moves Back Into His Dorm Room for Fall Semester!

Sadie Pulls a Fast One!

One night we cleared the table after dinner, but forgot one plate. Guess who didn't forget it? Miss Sadie Belle! When no one was in the room, she slipped up onto a chair and helped herself to what was left on the plate! I happened upon her in the midst of her caper and snapped these photos. Enjoy!

Now Here's Some Real Good Southern Food!

Southern fried chicken, baked beans, potato salad, corn on the cob, and sliced tomato salad - now that's real good southern food! All that is missing is some cole slaw, cornbread and cobbler.

Box Turtle in the Compost Heap!

One day Dan noticed a woman who stopped her car, got out and picked up a turtle crossing the road, and put it in our yard. A few days later, I found a turtle chowing down on corn cobs and other goodies in our compost heap!

Matt Cooks!

Matt cooks ... Creme Brulee!

Matt cooks ... Foccacia!

Matt cooks ... Crazy Dave's Cajun Shrimp Alfredo!

Matt on His 23rd Birthday!

Here's Matt at the ripe old age of 23, having enjoyed a delicious birthday dinner, and now he is about to dig into the best creme brulee in the world!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Deer In Our Back Yard ... Right Now!

During one of our dinners here during the family reunion, we talked about the deer that pass through from time to time, eating flowers and shrubs when the acorn crop is low, and we talked about how we hadn't seen deer in a long time. But as soon as everyone left, three beautiful, fat, healthy-looking deer appeared in our back yard and spent a little time there. I stepped out onto the patio to take these photos, and the deer hardly took notice.

Also notice the gardenia bush to the left in the photos - it is absolutely covered with blooms this year! Just gorgeous!

More And Better Than Ever Panini!

We are becoming quite the panini grillers these days!

Here are a few photos of one of our latest efforts. Panini are basically grilled sandwiches, filled with your choice of cheeses, vegetables, deli meats, etc. They are far less greasy than sandwiches grilled in a skillet. And with two heated grill plates that press the sandwich together until everything is hot, melted, grilled and delicious, they are a quick easy way to put together a tasty meal in no time.

We made these panini just for ourselves, because Jerry, Stewart and Stephen had a late lunch after seeing Al Gore's new video contrivance, and they were not hungry. Stephen went on back to Tennessee after the movie, and Jerry and Stewart came over and visited with us while we ate our yummy panini!

Clements 2006 Family Reunion and Jerry's 93rd Birthday Celebration!

Here is Stewart enjoying family and food times in Georgia!

From left, Stewart, Matt, Sara, Jason and Jerry!

Another photo of the family around the dinner table!

This photo shows Jerry and Stephen holding Jerry's birthday presents before they head back to Roswell. A vase of gardenias, a box of dog biscuits for Mei-Ling, a photo of Sadie, photos of Gurthy and Luther at the reunion, and a surprise gift of a blog of Jerry's essays - turned out to be a nice 93rd birthday after all.

Jerry, Jason and Stephen having a great time looking at Jason's extensive collection of Byzantine coins!

We're Off To The Averett Family Reunion In Greensboro, Alabama!

Here's Jerry getting his gear into the car as we head to Alabama!

For the full account and lots of photos of this exciting trip to Alabama, go to Our Alabama Heritage Blog at http://www.alabama.blogspot.com

Beautiful Flowers in Our Garden This Year!

A good spring for bulbs, especially irises! Look at these beauties!

This is a lovely example of Blue-Eyed Grass, which just looks like plain old grass until it bursts into these beautiful blue blooms every spring.

Our bright pink climbing rose favored us by blooming its heart out this year!

These are two varieties of columbine, one a deep pink columbine and the other is called a Primrose Columbine.

We had gorgeous calla lilies this year, and some were pure white and others were shell pink!

May Apples, Ferns, Flowers and Jack Russell Terriers in the Wild Woods!